Focused on Governance

On behalf of Empire’s shareholders, the Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the Company. To fulfill this responsibility it establishes policies aimed at ensuring the Company’s corporate governance practices are among the best in Canada. The Board of Directors and management of Empire believe that the highest standards of corporate governance are essential in the effective management of the Company as well as our ability to build sustainable worth for our customers, business partners, employees and investors.

While written policies and standards provide the foundation for governance, thorough oversight demands a Board that is fully engaged in ensuring the Company can continue to grow shareholder value. At Empire, every director is involved in establishing Empire’s strategies, assessing performance and progress in meeting established long and short-term goals, and understanding the major risks to the Company’s ability to deliver results. Because the Board is composed of a diversity of individuals with a combination of skills and experience, it is particularly capable of guiding and challenging the senior management team.

A comprehensive discussion of Empire’s corporate governance policies and practices can be found in our Management Information Circular, our Corporate Disclosure Policy and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.