Statement of Corporate Governance Practices

The Board of Directors and management of Empire believe that the highest standards of corporate governance are essential in the effective management of the Company as well as our ability to build sustainable worth for our customers, business partners, employees and investors.

The Company has adapted its governance practices in response to the changes in regulations and best practices and will continue to respond to future corporate governance developments as appropriate. The Company’s corporate governance practices are substantially in alignment with NP 58 201. In addition,  the Company’s disclosed its corporate governance practices in accordance with the requirements of NI 58-101. The Company’s disclosure addressing each of the guidelines and instruments is set out in the Company’s 2021 Management Information Circular, including under the heading “Approach to Corporate Governance”.

Pursuant to its mandate, the Board oversees the management of the business affairs of the corporation, discharging its responsibilities either directly or through its Committees, with the goal of building sustainable worth for all of the Company’s stakeholders.