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Since the launch of the Compliments brand in 2005, Sobeys Inc. has been expanding the Own Brands offering, inspiring Canadians every day with better food choices and the best combination of quality, price, and selection.

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We work with expert chefs, food scientists, and culinary educators to help develop our Own Brands products based on the everyday needs of Canadians. Our food products are strictly sourced from GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified suppliers, ensuring they are fully traceable and compliant to rigorous standards.

Discover Sobeys Inc.’s Own Brands in our banner locations across the country: Compliments, Panache, Best Buy, Eight Treasures, and Chalo!

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As an ever-growing product line of approximately 3400 items, our Compliments brand offers a wide assortment for Canadian families both for the everyday and special occasions. It features products that accommodate various dietary needs and preferences, including gluten-free options, a line of organic products, cleaner ingredients, alternatives that are better for the environment, and more!

Compliments Gluten-Free


Compliments is offered across all provinces, inspiring customers to make better everyday food choices. Compliments represents the best combination of quality, price, and selection.

Compliments Balance

Compliments Balance

Representing a healthy and balanced lifestyle promoted by registered dietitians, Compliments Balance provides the requirements for today’s life.

Compliments Organic

Compliments Organic

Simple ingredients and fresh produce are a natural delight certified by Quality Assurance International for Compliments Organic.


Formerly known as Sensations by Compliments, the Panache Brand offers an incredible collection of delectable flavours, entertaining inspiration, elevated experiences, and family favourites with a twist. Panache allows Canadians to share something truly special with family and friends. A brand that brings premium quality and superior taste to everyday foods.

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Own Brands are at the heart of a great grocery-shopping experience and our core values are reflected in our rich and diverse history. Dig in, and learn more about Empire Company Limited and Sobeys Inc.

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