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The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of Empire Company Limited, including the strategic planning process, approval of the strategic plan, the identification of principal risks and implementation of systems to manage these risks, succession planning, communications and the integrity of the Company’s internal control and management information systems.

    • (1)Audit Committee Member
    • (2)Audit Committee Chair
    • (3)Human Resources Committee Member
    • (4)Human Resources Committee Chair
    • (5)Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility Committee Member
    • (6)Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility Committee Chair
    • (7)Nominating Committee Member
    • (8)Nominating Committee Chair

    Further information regarding each of the Board of Directors can be found under their profile on the committees page on this website.

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    To learn more about Governance at Empire Company Limited, visit these additional pages on the website.

    Board Commit

    Board Committees

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    Executive Leadership Team

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