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The Board of Directors fulfills many of its responsibilities with the support of four committees.

The Four Board Committees

The Board of Directors fulfills many of its responsibilities with the support of four committees: Audit Committee, Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility Committee, Nominating Committee and Human Resources Committee. Every member of the Audit Committee, the Human Resources Committee and the Nominating Committee is independent according to the standards of corporate and securities laws as well as Empire’s own governance policies. All members of the Audit Committee meet the independence and financial literacy tests set out in Multilateral Instrument 52-110 adopted by most of the Canadian securities regulators.


The Audit Committee

This committee holds the roles and responsibilities of:

  • Reviewing and assessing Empire’s financial reporting practices and procedures;
  • Reviewing the adequacy and reporting of internal accounting controls;
  • Reviewing the independence of the external auditor from management;
  • Recommending the appointment of the external auditor;
  • Communicating directly with the external auditor;
  • Directly overseeing the work of the external auditor;
  • Reviewing and assessing risk management, and
  • Reviewing consolidated quarterly and annual financial statements and related communications prior to public disclosure.

To read more about each Board member of this committee, select their profile to expand their description.

  • Image of Sharon Driscoll Director Since 2018

    Sharon Driscoll

    Committee Chair

  • Image of Martine Reardon Director Since 2017

    Martine Reardon

  • Image of John R. Sobey Director Since 1979

    John R. Sobey

  • Image of Martine Turcotte Director Since 2012

    Martine Turcotte

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