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Our Purpose

Empire Company Limited is committed to maximizing sustainable long-term shareholder value by supporting Sobeys’ purpose – We are a family nurturing families – to nurture our customers and the communities we serve, while also strengthening our related real estate investments.

Empire’s key businesses and financial results are segmented into two reportable segments: (i) Food retailing; and (ii) Investments and other operations.

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Empire’s Strategic Focus

In fiscal 2020, the Company successfully completed its three-year transformation, named Project Sunrise. The project was intended to simplify organizational structures and reduce costs through: organizational design, strategic sourcing cost reductions, improvements in store operations, category rests and operational improvements. The Company achieved a cumulative benefit of more than $550 million.

In the first quarter of fiscal 2021, the Company launched Project Horizon, a three-year strategy focused on core business expansion and the acceleration of e-commerce. In its third and final year, the Company remains on track to achieve an incremental $500 million in annualized EBITDA and an improvement in EBITDA margin of 100 basis points by fiscal 2023 by growing market share and building on cost and margin discipline. The Company expects to generate a compound average growth rate in earnings per share of at least 15% over Project Horizon’s three-year timeframe.

In fiscal 2022, benefits were achieved from promotional optimization and data analytics, the continued expansion and renovation of the store network, and strategic sourcing efficiencies. Benefits achieved in fiscal 2021 and fiscal 2022 were partially offset by the planned investment in the Company’s e-commerce network.

These initiatives continue to deliver benefits in fiscal 2023. Additional benefits are expected from strategic initiatives launched more recently as part of Project Horizon, including Scene+, the Company’s new loyalty program. Scene+ was successfully launched in Atlantic Canada in August 2022. Additional regional launches are planned across Canada in calendar 2022 and into early calendar 2023. Project Horizon initiatives that are focused on loyalty, store optimization and customer experience will largely provide financial benefits in fiscal 2024 and beyond.

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Well Established, Differentiated Stores and Retail Banners

Empire’s Food retailing segment is carried out through Sobeys, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Sobeys Inc. will continue to go to market primarily through distinct food store formats enabling Sobeys to better tailor its offering to the various customer segments it serves. Sobeys’ goal is to satisfy its shoppers’ requirements for food and related merchandise, while thrilling customers, resulting in higher sales and profit per square foot. Sobeys remains focused on improving the product, service and merchandising offering within each format by expanding and renovating its current store base. In addition to its focus on the store network, the Company continues to expand its grocery e-commerce platform to Canadians through its Voilà online grocery home delivery and curbside pickup services.

Sobeys Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of who we are: Customer-Driven, People-Powered, Community-Engaged and Results-Oriented. These values drive our commitment to People — the customers we serve, the teammates who power our business, the communities we live in and the investors who place their trust in us. They drive our commitment to protect the Planet and reduce our impacts. And they drive our pursuit of sustainable and ethical Products that nourish all of us.


Always place the customer first


Our people make the difference


Proudly serve our communities


Get it done with passion and integrity

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