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Using duty of care to ensure operations are within the company’s best interest, the Corporate Officers of Empire Company Limited and Sobeys Inc. serve their shareholders with loyalty.

Below are the corporate officers of Empire Company Limited and Sobeys Inc.

  • Michael Medline

    Michael Medline

    President and CEO
    Director Since 2017

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  • Matt Reindel

    Matt Reindel

    Executive Vice President and CFO

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  • Image of Pierre St-Laurent Executive Vice President and COO

    Pierre St-Laurent

    Chief Operating Officer

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  • Simon Gagné

    Simon Gagné

    Executive Vice President and CHRO

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  • Doug Nathanson

    Doug Nathanson

    Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer and General Counsel

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  • Sandra Sanderson

    Sandra Sanderson

    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Julia Knox

    Julia Knox 

    Chief Technology and Analytics Officer, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

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