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Below is more information on Empire’s Dividends including Record and Payment Dates, as well as Dividend History.

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Designation of Eligible

Empire Company Limited confirms, for the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and applicable provincial legislation, that all dividends paid by the Company on all classes of shares are eligible dividends and all dividends which are paid hereafter on any class of shares will be eligible dividends until that notice is revoked.

degination of eligible
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Dividend Information

The declaration and payment of dividends is at the discretion of the Board. Empire Company Limited is not aware of any restrictions that could prevent it from paying dividends.

The Non-Voting Class A shares (symbol EMP.A) are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Empire Company Limited has no stated policy with respect to payment of dividends on either its Class B common shares or on its Non-Voting Class A shares.

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Dividend Record and Payment Dates

Find the Dividend Record and Payment Dates for Fiscal 2024, below.

Record DatePayment DateNon-Voting Class A Shares
July 14, 2023July 31, 2023$0.1825
October 13, 2023October 31, 2023$0.1825
January 15, 2024January 31, 2024$0.1825
April 15, 2024*April 30, 2024$0.1825

*subject to approval from the Board of Directors.

Dividend History

Date DeclaredRecord DateEx-Dividend DatePayment DateAmount*FrequencyType
9/15/202210/14/202210/13/202210/31/20220.165QuarterRegular Cash
6/22/20227/15/20227/14/20227/29/20220.165QuarterRegular Cash
3/10/20224/14/20224/13/20224/29/20220.15QuarterRegular Cash
12/9/20211/14/20221/13/20221/28/20220.15QuarterRegular Cash
9/9/202110/15/202110/14/202110/29/20210.15QuarterRegular Cash
6/23/20217/15/20217/14/20217/30/20210.15QuarterRegular Cash
3/10/20214/15/20214/14/20214/30/20210.13QuarterRegular Cash
12/10/20201/15/20211/14/20211/29/20210.13QuarterRegular Cash
9/10/202010/15/202010/14/202010/30/20200.13QuarterRegular Cash
6/18/20207/15/20207/14/20207/31/20200.13QuarterRegular Cash

Notes of Dividend History:

  • Source of dividend statement of financial position: Bloomberg
  • *Amounts have been adjusted for the following stock splits:
    1. October 7 2002 - 2 for 1
    2. November 4 1986 - 2 for 1
    3. January 28 1986 - 2 for 1
    4. September 28 2015 - 3 for 1

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