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Sobeys Inc. is a proud Canadian brand having grown from a small meat-delivery business in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, to a national food-retailer with more than 1,600 locations.

Scroll across to see Sobeys Inc. grow through the years to become the iconic Canadian company it is today.


An Image of William Sobey, a member of Britain’s Royal engineers

William Sobey, a member of Britain’s Royal engineers is stationed in Halifax where he meets and marries Janet MacIntosh of Pictou County in 1862.


An old Image of street england

After returning to England, the Sobeys come back to Nova Scotia to stay — along with their seven-year-old son, John William (J.W.).


Image displaying J.W.Sobyes with horse drawn cart.

After moving to Stellarton, Nova Scotia, J.W. starts a meat delivery business. With a horse-drawn cart, he purchases and collects livestock from local farmers for resale.

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With the history of Sobeys Inc. comes the history of its parent company, Empire Company Limited, and more. Click through to any of the pages below to gather further information about the Canadian superstore, Sobeys.


The History of Sobeys Inc.

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Strategic Direction

A Sobeys employee happily displaying a crate full of fresh vegetables

Sustainable Business Report